Artemis Mix-2010


  • Watt 350
  • 220/230 Volt
  • 50/60 Hz
  • RPM 15000-22000
  • 2 speed waterproof switch
  • Cable with earthing connection (EU, UK, AU, SA)
  • Certificates: CE, EMC, LVD


3 operation
  • 1. Manual
  • 2. Automatic
  • 3. Super automatic


  • Made from ABS plastic of high density and endurance
  • Polycarbonic cup prop
  • Staibless steel shaft
  • Polycarbonic hanging cup
  • Dimensions: H46 x W16.5 x D18 cm
  • Net weight: 3.4kg
Design story

The need for a lighter, less classic design led to the creation of MIX-2010.
A praise to simplicity and functionality for everyday users of drink mixers.

A durability that took the MIX-2010 to new heights and ensured its long-lasting performance.